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Don’t Ignore Your Dryer Lint: It Could Cost You!

Cleaning out your dryer's lint trap is a small task that can save you money. © Smart
Cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap is a small task that can save you money. © Smart

The dryer is often an appliance that most homeowners take for granted. They put a load of laundry in it, dry it and move on with their day. However, if you’re looking to save a little bit of money on your energy bills, then it’s time to begin paying a little more attention to your dryer. First of all, you should regularly hire a professional that provides dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta to come thoroughly clean your dryer’s vents. Secondly, you need to make sure that you remove the lint from the lint filter every time you dry your laundry.

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The lint filter is located in different areas depending on the model of dryer you have, but it should be in a spot that is easily accessible. As your clothes dry, the lint filter will collect lint. If you don’t remove the lint after you’re done drying your clothes, your dryer is going to work very inefficiently the next time you try to dry your laundry. This is because the lint that collects will restrict the airflow from your heated dryer. Because of this, the dryer will have to work harder in order to dry your clothes. This results in more energy being used – not to mention that your clothes may not dry as quickly, which means you have to dry them for a longer period of time – also a big waste of energy.

There’s also the question of safety. Lint is very flammable and if it collects too much, the heat that the dryer produces could end up igniting it. This is also why you should hire a professional that provides dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta to come clean the lint and debris from the dryer’s vents as well. Cleaning the lint out of the filter is relatively easy. Just wipe your fingers over one end of the lint filter to the other and the lint should just peel right off. Moistening your fingers can help make the lint stick to your fingers.

Be sure to clean your lint trap in order to save money on your energy bills, and contact us at Daffy Ducts for more information on dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

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Strategic Timing Can Save You Money on Drying Your Clothes

You might be surprised by how much savings you can find in your laundry room. ©
You might be surprised by how much savings you can find in your laundry room. ©

Did you know that there are a number of ways that you can save money when it comes to your dryer? For one, hiring a professional service that does dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta to come clean out the lint from your dryer vents will keep your dryer running as efficiently as possible. This, in turn, helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear from occurring, reducing the amount of repairs it may need. Not to mention that dirty vents can result in it taking longer for your clothes to dry, which means you are wasting more energy than you need to be every time you use the dryer. However, this isn’t the only way to save some money on your dryer. You can also save money by running your dryer at certain times.

One thing that many homeowners don’t realize is that utility companies charge higher rates during peak usage hours. What does this mean? It means that energy costs more to use during the day, when everybody is using it. So instead of drying your clothes during the day, do so at night, when the rates won’t be as high. By running your dryer at night instead of during the day, you’ll help lower your utility bills.

Of course, running the washer while you are asleep doesn’t make much sense since your laundry will just sit there all wet until you wake up. However, you can time it so that you do wash your laundry before bedtime, then transfer the clothes to your dryer right before you go to sleep. If you prefer to have your laundry completely done so that you don’t have to worry about it in the morning, then just time it a little different so that you have your clothes completely dried by the time you are about to go to bed.

In addition to hiring professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta in order to save money, consider timing when you do your laundry so that you take advantage of your utility’s lower rates in the evenings and at night.

Redo a Small Laundry Room to Make it Easier to Use- and Stay Clean

Making sure that you keep your laundry room clean is important for numerous reasons. First of all, nobody likes a dirty room, no matter what room it is. Then there’s the fact that the build up of lint throughout your laundry room can not only hurt the efficiency of your dryer, but can also pose a real fire risk. It’s one of the reasons why you should invest in dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta on a semi-regular basis. Another thing you might want to do is to redo your laundry room so that it’s easier to keep clean and to use.

Redo a Small Laundry Room
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The way a laundry room is set up isn’t something that tends to be high on the list of priorities for homeowners. This is especially true for laundry rooms that are a bit smaller in size. More often than not, the laundry room consists of a washer and a dryer and that’s it. If your smaller laundry room has a door that swings inwards, one of the first things you might want to do is remove it. This will help save a lot of space inside the room and make it easier enter and exit as well.

If you have cabinets installed above the washer and dryer, consider removing one or all of the cabinet doors. This makes it easier to see where everything is and makes things more accessible as well. Not to mention that it helps make the space feel more open. If you don’t have cabinets, consider adding them or adding open shelving to help you organize all of your laundry items. The last thing you want is your laundry items to be stored on the floor, where they will attract dust and lint and will make the space harder to keep clean in general. Another great addition is to create a holder for your ironing board using scrap wood and a coat hook.

In addition to getting regular dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta, consider redoing your laundry room using these tips in order to make it easier to use and easier to clean.

Ease the Strain on Your Dryer With These Tricks

How long is it taking for your dryer to dry your clothes? Does it seem like it’s taking way longer than it should? If so, there are a number of things that you can do to help ease the strain on your dryer, thereby allowing it to dry your clothes quicker. One way is to get professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta. The following are a few other things that you can do yourself:

  • ease the strain on your dryer
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    Clean the Lint Filter – Every time you use your dryer you should remove the lint from the lint filter. Don’t wait for the filter to fill up with lint either. Even a little bit of lint left in the lint filter can cause the dryer to work less efficiently. It causes stress on the motor of the dryer and can result in a burnout or in the reduction of your dryer’s lifespan.

  • Use Spin Cycles – When washing your clothes, put the spin cycle on at the end. This will help get rid of some of the excess water in your clothing, which makes them dry faster once you transfer them over to the dryer. If you don’t put clothes through the spin cycle before drying them, they will not only take twice as long to dry, but they can overload the dryer due to the added weight of the water.
  • Don’t Overload Your Dryer – If you stuff your dryer to the brim with clothes, then it will take twice the amount of time to dry. It will also have to work even harder in order to spin the load. This results in the use of more energy than should be needed, which can also result in your energy bills going up.
  • Sort your laundry – Dry heavy clothes separate from light clothes. If you are drying an entire loud of blouses and have one pair of jeans, that pair of jeans is going to slow everything down.

These are a few tips for using your dryer more efficiently. Don’t forget to get regular professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta as well.

Don’t Ignore a Burning Smell in Your Dryer

Have you ever used your dryer and noticed a slight burning smell? If so, this shouldn’t be ignored! A burning smell from your dryer is not normal, even if it goes away after a few minutes. In fact, you should stop using it altogether – the burning smell means that it is a fire hazard to use.

Burning Smell in Your Dryer
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There’s a good chance that the burning smell is being caused by an issue with lint build up. What’s most likely happening is that the lint coming off your clothing as they are being dried is becoming trapped in your dryer as well as in the venting duct that connects the dryer to your wall. One of the ways that you can prevent this is by obtaining professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

The first thing you’re going to want to do if you do smell that burning smell is to unplug your dryer. If you are able to, slide the dryer away from the wall. Get help if you need it – you don’t want to hurt yourself if it’s too heavy. Now, remove the hose duct that’s attached to the back of your dryer. Check the hose duct for lint build up. Use your vacuum’s wand attachment to suck the lint out. The best way to clean the vent duct is to remove it completely from both the dryer and the wall. This will allow you to more easily remove all the lint. Be sure to vacuum inside of the wall’s vent hole as well to make sure that there’s no lint blocking the airflow. Once you’ve finished, put everything back together and turn your dryer on to see if the burning smell is gone.

If the smell is still there, it could be because there is lint built up deep inside the wall. You’ll want to obtain professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta in this case.

Use these tips if you notice a burning smell when using your dryer. To ensure that there is no lint built up in your dryer, you should obtain professional dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

The Ways Your Dryer Can Be At Risk for Fire

Most people assume that their dryer is one of the more safer appliances to use. This may be true, it doesn’t mean that dryers can’t be dangerous. In fact, there are roughly 15,500 fires caused by dryers every year, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. How exactly do dryers cause fires? It’s usually a result of an accumulation of lint that blocks the airflow of your dryer. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can prevent dryer fires.

  • Ways Your Dryer Can Be At Risk for Fire
    Source: Shutterstock

    Clean the vents – Back in the day, washer and dryer units were located in the basement, where the vents were more easily accessible. Now they tend to be in kitchens, bathrooms or closets. This usually results in the dryer vents being installed to accommodate the home’s structure, making them harder to reach. A dryer vent booster is a good solution to this. You should also consider dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta from a professional service to ensure that your vents are cleaned out.

  • Clean inside the dryer – Odds are you take the lint out of the lint trap either after you use the dryer or before. However, the trap doesn’t catch all of the lint. Check underneath the lint trap as well as the heating element, where lint can build up. Lint that’s gathered on your heating elements is especially dangerous because it can heat up and catch on fire.
  • Ensure proper clearance – There needs to be space between the dryer and the wall. Don’t put your dryer up against the wall as you’ll not only reduce the airflow, you’ll also crush the venting material by doing so. This can lead to lint building up and temperatures increasing, making a fire more likely.
  • Check the dryer duct material – Your dryer ducts should be made out of a solid metallic material and not foil or vinyl, which are not only combustible, but usually consist of spiral wound surfaces, which makes it easier for lint to build up.

Follow these tips to prevent a dryer fire and don’t forget to invest in dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.

Possible Reasons Your Dryer Takes Forever to Dry

Dryers used to be somewhat of a crapshoot in trying to figure out how long it was supposed to take to dry your clothes. In fact, your dryer may have taken way too long to dry your clothes because there was something wrong with it, yet you never knew.

Reasons Your Dryer Takes Forever to Dry
Source: Shutterstock

Fortunately, today’s models are a little bit more intuitive. Many modern dryers have automatic dry times along with multiple settings in which the dryer will turn off when your clothes are dry. However, if your dryer isn’t working right, then the clothes may come out wet or it may take way too long to dry them. The following are a few ways to check your dryer if it’s not working right:no

  • Check the heating process – Put the dryer on a regular timed cycle and turn it on. Let it run for a couple of minutes before opening the door. You’ll want to check to see if the heating sensors are working properly. If they aren’t, they will need to be replaced.
  • Check the tumbler – If the heating elements are working, then you’ll want to check to see if the tumbler turns inside of your dryer. Put the dryer on a regular timed dry cycle and look inside to see whether or not the tumbler is working. If it’s not, then it will not dry your clothes.
  • Check the exhaust hose – If the heating elements and tumbler are working as they should, inspect the exhaust hose for lint clogs. Turn the dryer on while it’s empty and check the tube’s airflow. If the airflow is poor, then it’s most because its being blocked by lint.
  • Check the door – Another common dryer problem – especially amongst older models – is a broken door switch. If the switch doesn’t work as it should, then the dryer won’t work either.

These are just some of the reasons why your dryer isn’t working. While you can check for these problems yourself, it’s a smart idea to have a professional do a thorough inspection of your dyer if it’s not working properly.

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