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This Earth Day, Make Sure Your Ducts Are Properly Sealed

Having your ducts properly sealed is essential to conserving energy and saving money. ©iStockphoto.com/alecsoms
Having your ducts properly sealed is essential to conserving energy and saving money. 

Earth Day is right around the corner, which means you should take stock of your home and see if there are any changes or improvements that you can make in order to make your home more environmentally friendly. For example, you should consider adding duct system insulation as well as make sure that your ducts are properly sealed.

Making sure that your air ducts are sealed properly is very important to the comfort and efficiency of your home. Your duct system is the lifeline of your home’s cooling and heating system. The ducts help to move cool and warm air throughout the home. When they aren’t sealed properly, air will leak out of the ducts. This results in a number of problems.

First of all, when warm air or cool air escapes from leaks in your duct system, your home won’t be warmed or cooled as well or as quickly, leading to a less comfortable home environment. Secondly, your heating system or air conditioning system will continue to pump out warm or cool air in order to make up for the air that was lost in an attempt to get your home at your desired temperature. This means that more energy is being used than necessary. The more energy you are using, the less environmentally friendly your home is. Not to mention that by using more energy, you’ll be paying higher heating and cooling bills. The issues don’t stop there – because your heating and cooling systems are working more than they should, they’ll experience more wear and tear, which could result in the need for more repairs than normal – or even worse, a shorter life span.

Although a professional service is recommended in order to ensure a high quality sealing job, you can do it on your own with the use of a mastic sealant or a metal tape. You should also consider having duct system insulation added to help keep warm and cool air from escaping your ducts as well. Doing so can have a big impact on saving energy and keeping your home as comfortable as possible.

Keeping your ducts clean is another great way to keep them efficient for Earth Day.  Contact us at Daffy Ducts for more information.

Don’t Let Your Home’s Air Get Polluted This Autumn

Now that the weather is cooling off, odds are you’ll be keeping those doors and windows closed. This means that your home’s air quality is a little bit more vulnerable to being polluted by dust, dirt and other debris. Use the following tips to prevent your air from getting polluted during the autumn season:

  • Home's Air Get Polluted
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    Dust the heaters – If your heaters are dusty, then the dust will fry when you turn the heat on, resulting in the smell of burnt dust.

  • Have the chimney cleaned – If you plan on using your fireplace, make sure to have the chimney cleaned in order to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide within the home.
  • Air duct cleaning  – Keeping those air ducts clean will help prevent dust and other debris from building up and being spread throughout your home’s air. Get a professional air duct cleaning service to ensure your air flow is clean and unobstructed.
  • Look for foreign objects by your heaters – This is an important tip if you have kids or pets, since this is how plastic objects often find themselves behind heating units. The last thing you want is plastic objects to burn, releasing toxic fumes into the air.
  • Clean the oil burner – If your furnace is dirty, it won’t function properly. This can result in an excess of carbon monoxide to be produced, which can be harmful.
  • Have your carpets steam cleaned – Carpeting gets dirty relatively easy. It traps dirt and debris from when you walk across it in your shoes. It also traps a lot of dust. All of this can be released into the air, thereby diminishing your air quality. Have your carpets steam cleaned so that you won’t inhale these pollutants as you walk across your carpeting.
  • Be careful about the use of candles – Candles can be a great way to provide atmosphere and aroma to your home. However, avoid candles made with lead-wicks or petroleum since they are terrible for your home’s air.

Use these tips to keep your home’s air clean during the autumn season.

Enjoy Energy Savings With Clean Ducts

The air ducts aren’t something that too many homeowners concern themselves with. However, making sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis is important for a number of reasons. Not only does investing in air duct cleaning help to improve the air quality of your home, it also improves your home’s energy efficiency. Dirty air ducts not only make it more difficult for your HVAC system to heat or cool your home, which results in increased energy use (and as a direct result, increased energy costs), but they also cause unnecessary wear and tear to your HVAC system, thereby shortening its lifespan.

energy savings with clean ducts
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The main purpose of your air ducts is to disperse the warm or cool air that your HVAC system produces throughout your home. Because it is circulating air throughout your house, it’s also circulating all the things that are in your air, such as dust, dander, allergens and more. These things will cling through the interiors of your ducts and will build up over time. If you don’t have your air ducts cleaned regularly, then all of these contaminants will build up to the point where they obstruct efficient airflow.

You may be thinking, “well, isn’t that what my air filters are for?” Yes, your air filters help to trap some of the contaminants in the air, and by changing or cleaning your filters monthly, you can help to keep your duct system working efficiently. However, your ducts will still get dirty from normal use. Roughly 25 to 40 percent of the energy that is used for heating or cooling your home is wasted every year, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Energy. By simply having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, your HVAC system will use less energy to cool or heat your home – thereby also resulting in less wear and tear on the HVAC system itself.

Be sure to have a professional air duct cleaning service clean your dirty ducts to keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible and as long as possible.

If Your Dryer is Malfunctioning, the Ducts May Be to Blame

Finding out that your dryer is not working, especially at a time when your laundry has just finished going through the washing machine, can be quite a frustrating experience. One of the causes for your dryer not working could very well be your ducts. The following are a few signs that your dyer is not working properly:

  • If Your Dryer is Malfunctioning
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    The dryer and the clothes are extremely hot – If at the end of the cycle the dryer is hot to the touch, then your vent isn’t exhausting properly, most likely because it is clogged.

  • It’s taking too long to dry – If your clothes normally take 50 minutes or so to dry in your drying machine and they are now taking twice or even three times as long to dry, then it means that the dryer vent is most likely clogged. A clogged vent causes the air to stay inside the dryer, thereby keeping clothing hot and moist.
  • Something smells like it’s burning – If the area around your dryer smells like something is burning while the dryer is running, then stop using your dryer immediately and have it inspected by a professional.  The exhaust tube, the drum casing or the lint trap may be clogged by lint, which is incredibly flammable.
  • You haven’t cleaned the vent ducts in a while – Your dryer’s vent ducts need to be inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis in order to cut down on the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. Although you can attempt to clean the exterior exhaust vent by yourself if it is easily accessible, it is recommended that you hire a professional to clean your vent ducts.
  • Your vent hood won’t open properly – Check the outside vent opening and the dryer hose. If you can see lint or debris around these two areas, the dryer needs to be cleaned out. If your duct hood flap won’t open properly it’s because lint buildup has restricted the air flow of the dryer.

Is your dryer not working? Then it could be due to an issue with your vent ducts.

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