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Why Your Lint Screen Warning Signal Goes On When the Screen is Clean

The dryer is an appliance that needs to be maintained, just like any other appliance. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that all they have to do is remove the lint from the lint trap every time they do a load and that’s it. However, the dryer needs more maintenance than that. According to the US Fire Administration, over 15,000 structure fires are caused by dryers every year in the U.S. alone. This means that you should hire a professional service that provides dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta to ensure your dryer is working safely.

Lint Trap
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In addition to hiring a service that provides dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta, you should also pay attention to the warning signal that many front loader dryers display when the lint screen needs to be changed. The first thing you need to do is find the lint screen. It’s usually inside the dryer door, right at the base of the opening. Lift the filter straight up by pulling on the screen’s tab. Remove the lint from the filter and throw it away. If the screen filter is sticky or waxy, then use warm, soapy water in order to clean it. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back in.

If the warning light is on but the lint screen is clean, then you may need to clean the dryer ducts. Look for the exterior exhaust hood. It’s usually on the exterior wall on the other side of the dryer. Unscrew the hood and scoop out any lint that you find. Then unplug the dryer from its power source and pull it away from the wall. Unscrew the clamp holding the dryer vent hose in place. Pull the hose out of the duct. You’ll then want to take out the lint screen filter. Use a dryer vent brush to push the lint inside the hose through the other end. Do the same in the vent pipe in the wall.

Be sure to use these tips to clean the lint out of your dryer if you see that the warning light has come on.

Check Your Air Ducts for Signs It Needs to Be Cleaned

Your air ducts are an important part of your home. They help to circulate warm and cool air throughout your house, helping you to keep comfortable. Because of this, it’s important that you keep your air ducts clean. Otherwise, dirt, dust and bacteria will flow through your home, reducing its air quality. This is why you should invest in a professional air duct cleaning service every once in a while.

Check Your Air Ducts
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Why you should clean your air ducts

First of all, cleaning your air ducts will help prevent poor air quality. If dust and bacteria cycle throughout your home, it can affect those that have asthma or respiratory illnesses. Having your ducts cleaned will also help to make it easier for air to flow through them, thereby increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system, which not only helps lengthen its lifespan but also helps keep your energy bills low.

How to tell if your air ducts need to be cleaned

There are a number of ways that you can tell if you need to hire a professional air duct cleaning service. The following are a few ways:

  • Check your registers – Check the registers around your home. If they are dusty, or they are blowing out dust, debris or noticeable particles, then your ducts need to be cleaned.
  • Check inside your ducts – If you can look inside your ducts and see visible dust or cobwebs, or even rodent droppings or dead insects, you should have your ducts cleaned.

You should also have your ducts cleaned following a construction project, since there’s a good chance that any construction done inside your house has resulted in a buildup of dust and debris.

In addition to hiring a professional air duct cleaning service to come clean your ducts when it is needed, you should also make sure that you replace or clean your air filters on a monthly basis. Your air filters help to trap dust and debris in order to keep them from circulating throughout your air, but if they build up to much, they can block the air flow.

Deep Cleaning Tips to Keep Lint Under Control

Making sure that you keep your dryer in good shape is vital for its longevity. A poorly kept dryer will not only break down sooner, it can also – in some instances – be a fire hazard. It’s one of the reasons why you should invest in dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta on a regular basis. There are also basic tasks that you should do as well, such as keeping the lint under control. The following are a few deep cleaning tips to do just that:

  • Tips to Keep Lint Under Control
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    Sweep and vacuum regularly – To keep lint from building up in your laundry room, you should sweep and vacuum the space on a regular basis. Make sure that you work your way through the space from left to right or from top to bottom so that you’re not pushing lint back onto clean surfaces. Use a wire coat hanger and an old soak to reach tight areas.

  • Clean lint trap – You need to clean the lint trap to the dryer after every time you use it. If you don’t, lint will build up in your dryer, causing it to run less efficiently.
  • Clean the lint screen – The fabric softener you use can build up on your lint screen, resulting in a less efficient dryer. Every couple of months, take out the lint screen and scrub it down using a soft bristle brush and just a bit of soap. Be sure to rinse it and let it dry before you put it back into the dryer.
  • Check the ductwork – If you notice a lot of lint appearing throughout your laundry room, make sure that you inspect the ductwork that vents the dryer. It should be securely attached. If it isn’t, then the dryer could be venting back into the laundry room instead of outside.
  • Clean out dryer vent – Clean your dryer vent twice a year. This ensures that it won’t become clogged with lint. A clogged vent is a serious fire hazard.

Be sure to use these tips and obtain dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta to keep lint under control.

Understand Air Flow in Your Dryer

Odds are pretty good that you use your dryer on a pretty regular basis. Because of this, you should invest in dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta to keep the circulation of air working properly. However, few people really understand why they need dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta because they don’t understand how the dryer works. The most basic explanation is that it uses energy to power a fan that sucks air into the machine, where it’s heated up and transferred to the contents in your dryer’s tumbler, after which it’s pushed back out – usually through a pipe that leads to vent outside your house. The following is a more detailed explanation:

air flow in your dryer
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There are openings located in the outside of the dryer in which outside air is sucked in through the use of a fan. Once the air is sucked in, it is moved past the dryer’s heating element, which heats the air. The heating element that heats up the air works kind of like a toaster – it’s a nichrome-wire element. It takes a lot of energy for this heating element to do its job, roughly 4,000 to 6,000 watts for the average machine. The tumbler has several holes in the back that allows the heated air to move through. A metal stamping on the right makes sure that the air only passes through the tumbler after it has been heated.

The hot air will circulate throughout the tumbler, drying everything within it. Once it moves through the tumbler, it will pass through the holes located in the door and out through the large slot located at the bottom of the door, which leads right to the lint screen. Once the air passes through the lint screen, it goes down a duct that’s in the front of the dryer where it hits a fan. The fan then sucks the air from the center and forces it out through the duct located on the back of the dryer.

The process of air circulation is key to the dryer’s operation, which is why dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta is a must.  Contact us for more information on our dryer vent cleaning services.

If Your Dryer is Malfunctioning, the Ducts May Be to Blame

Finding out that your dryer is not working, especially at a time when your laundry has just finished going through the washing machine, can be quite a frustrating experience. One of the causes for your dryer not working could very well be your ducts. The following are a few signs that your dyer is not working properly:

  • If Your Dryer is Malfunctioning
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    The dryer and the clothes are extremely hot – If at the end of the cycle the dryer is hot to the touch, then your vent isn’t exhausting properly, most likely because it is clogged.

  • It’s taking too long to dry – If your clothes normally take 50 minutes or so to dry in your drying machine and they are now taking twice or even three times as long to dry, then it means that the dryer vent is most likely clogged. A clogged vent causes the air to stay inside the dryer, thereby keeping clothing hot and moist.
  • Something smells like it’s burning – If the area around your dryer smells like something is burning while the dryer is running, then stop using your dryer immediately and have it inspected by a professional.  The exhaust tube, the drum casing or the lint trap may be clogged by lint, which is incredibly flammable.
  • You haven’t cleaned the vent ducts in a while – Your dryer’s vent ducts need to be inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis in order to cut down on the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. Although you can attempt to clean the exterior exhaust vent by yourself if it is easily accessible, it is recommended that you hire a professional to clean your vent ducts.
  • Your vent hood won’t open properly – Check the outside vent opening and the dryer hose. If you can see lint or debris around these two areas, the dryer needs to be cleaned out. If your duct hood flap won’t open properly it’s because lint buildup has restricted the air flow of the dryer.

Is your dryer not working? Then it could be due to an issue with your vent ducts.

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